PRO's vs Free?

Can someone share with me all of the additional features that are in the pro? I looked and they mentioned things like commercial, etc…, but what are all of the features included? I was able to inport mry e-mails (some didn’t though) into the free one. Thanks for your kind response.

PRO version allows you to use more than 2 mail accounts, VIP support and commercial use.

Just to be clear (sorry for resurrecting a dead thread), does the 2 accounts extend to chat or just mail? I have 2 gmail accounts (and associated chat) and also my facebook chat.

2 accounts in Tools - Accounts.


Hello, just to have it clear. With FREE license if I have one email + one calendar CalDav that will be 2 accounts under Tools/Accounts. This will be the limit? Or you are refering exclusively to email accounts only. Just to make sure, thanks.