Proper mail filtering

My one real gripe with eM Client is the lack of proper filtering. Maybe I’ve just been pampered because my previous MUA on Windows was the The Bat! and that has the best filtering system I have ever seen! I haven’t sent this before as I was told that filtering was going to be looked at, however I have recenlty learnt that that is not the case. Hope I can push it up the priority list.

At the moment, I do most of the sorting by hand as the current implementation is not flexible enough.

This is my personal take on the “ideal” filter system:

1.- My Inbox has a dual functionality, pending mails and todo list, any automatic filtering system has to be able to handle this.

2.- To enable (1) allow me to filter just a message. This is done in Evolution (press Ctrl-Y).

3.- Filters are not rules. Filters are a set of rules + a set of actions.

4.- Allow folder level filters. Each folder has it’s filters.

5.- Allow folder events (incoming, outgoing, read, replied, forwarded, etc.), ideally this would be available to the rules. The Bat! allows these by giving you filters sets, incoming, read, etc.

6.- Allow me to filter on events. The current “received” rules now become a set of incoming filters on the Inbox, the current “sent” rules now become a set of incoming filters on the Sent folder.

7.- Allow me to sepcify a proper set of rules for a filter, so we can do "if incoming and (sender contains @my.domain or sender is foo@bar) and subject contains “snafu” then move to folder, mark as high priority and send an autoresponse.

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Bump this to see if someone will see it.

Skip the bit about filtering on a single mail because the Unread virtual folder more than makes up for it (I actually miss that in Evolution now).

4.- This is already done. You can apply custom rule to a specific folder.

3.,5.,6.- Incoming, outgoing is done. Remaining incorporated in the more advanced filtering system will be considered to one of our future versions.

7.- Move of mails specified by “if incoming” together with specific sender and words contained in subject is available with the current version. Only prioritization and autoresponse is not incorporated.

But there’re actions of categories setting or notification skipping which can hopefully workaround your requirements.