Promotion Pricing Error?

So… I got an email for cyber Monday promotion:

You can now upgrade your Free license to a Pro license for only 12.15 GBP.
That means you can have a Pro version of your favorite email client for
a savings of 60%!

    “Why not!?”
*Looked at the regular price*  -  £29.95.
*Sees checkbox for ‘Lifetime version’*
    “Hmm, They could update to v7 next week for all I know… What’s the lifetime price?”
*ticks lifetime checkbox*  -  £59.95

So is it really 60% off?  Because 40% of 60 is 24.
*Clicks the link in the promotion email*
*Notices ‘lifetime’ checkbox*  -  £30
    “…Well then.”

Let me just say - Non-Lifetime Pro versions of software irritate me.  I imagine other people too - especially when it’s not clear what your update cycle might be.
I’ve decided against this promotion because I’m a cheap bastard.

If you’re going to send out a promotion for 60% off - make it 60% off everything, or at least be very clear about what you’re promoting.  I thought you guys should be aware of this - even if it makes no difference.

Hi Kyle, I’m terribly sorry for this error on our website, can you please contact our sales department at, I’m sure we can work this out.