Programmatic import into em Client

Importing Eudora .mbox files into em Client is quite easy. The only problem is: it has to be done one .mbox file per time, and I have hundreds of them. I have not found a bulk import feature for .mbox files in the em Client GUI.

Is there a way to do this in Windows from the Windows command line, for instance using a Python script?

viernes 07 enero 2022 :: 1607hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @rmiranda

I had the same problem when I moved from Eudora v7.1.09, I gave up trying import direct
as I didn’t have hundreds, I had thousands - eventually I used specialist software from:

It worked perfectly and also maintained the file/folder/sub-folder structure

They have a trial version of ‘aid4mail’, perhaps you should try this before you buy.

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Hello Skybat,

Thanks for your answer. I will wait a bit longer to see if a programming solution pops up from some unknown corner. If not, I’ll give Aid4Mail a try.

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