Programmatic access to email data possible?

Is there any way I can programmatically access the email folders from eM Client mail store to process them? What I’d like to do is write a program (bash shell script or perl on Win10) that will access emails in a particular folder so that data extraction and other tasks can be performed. Is that possible on my eM Client? I have version 8.2.1721 and it would be helpful for some automatic processing of the content of messages.

Any plans for a version on an iphone/mac?


If your emails are stored server side then you could use IMAP commands to access the email folders from a command line script. If your talking about accessing email data in the local folders, then I do think eM Client stores the data into a SQLite database which “might” be accessible to obtain data. Of course one of the eM Client developers would need to answer that question when it comes to accessing the local mail store from a command line script. Otherwise, I would suggest using something like IMAP commands to access it server side.

Yes, they have plans for a iOS and Android eM Client at some point. There is already a MacOS version of eM Client available for download.

Thanks for the reply.

Can you recommend software or a command line script example of how to access the mail on the server via IMAP? That would help a great deal vs. starting from scratch. I can do it on windows or linux if needed.

I’ll wait to see if any developer answers the ?.

Thanks for the info on MacOS - I did a brief look around the site and did not see it.

Depends on which language you prefer to use. A couple examples include
PHP: PHP: IMAP - Manual
Python: imaplib — IMAP4 protocol client — Python 3.11.0 documentation

Just search Google for code examples for the language you prefer to install and use from the command line.

The MacOS version of eM Client is available here: Release History | eM Client

Just click the most recent version number at the top to download the installer file.