Programm spam for Russian users

What is it and how to turn it off ?

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The easiest way to turn it off is to help stop the war that is killing civilians and our friends.

  1. The war ended more than a day ago
  2. If you are from the USA, then tell your president not to touch other countries, will he listen?
  3. Such messages are contrary to the laws of the Russian Federation
  4. These messages annoy ordinary users, nothing more.
  1. No war ended, civilians are being bombed.
  2. I am from Europe, my friends are spending nights in shelters and my doors are open for refugees.
  3. We are not bound by laws of Russian Federation. In fact, your new law says not to spread misinformation about what is happening in Ukraine.
  4. Annoyed? It’s one window to close for you. My friends cannot close their windows because Russia bombed them out.
  1. My friends say that everything is over. Perhaps both are right.
  2. If you distribute the product on the territory of any state, you agree to comply with its laws. Not this way?
  3. Yes, annoying. We, ordinary users, cannot do anything but go to the square and shout, but people are already shouting “no war” in the square. What more do you want from us?

The discussion can go on forever, just stop doing it. It is useless and causes only negative in the direction of the software, despite the fact that it is objectively good.

p.s. I wish you to continue to improve it successfully :wink:

I know it is not easy to get to all information in Russia, because some of the sites may be blocked and the state television does not show “the other side”, so neither you nor your friends can really see whats happening.
But the truth is that the war is not over. In 4 days, more than 6000 Russian troops have been killed on Ukraine and right now the Russian forces, together with Belarussians, are fighting near Kiev and lot of civilians have been killed during bombing of Charkiv and Sumy.
No, the war is not over, it just started

I’m from Kharkov (Charkiv), but I don’t have friends and acquaintances there, according to this data I don’t have (

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To anybody that is interested…

Here is the translation of the title of the graphic



And the Yellow Button:

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If you want more ask and I will consider the request.

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FWIW here’s a complete translation: