Program update

How to remove the notification of updating the software?(Let’s say I do not want to be updated to version 7 of the program)

Hello IDimm,

Unfortunately it is not possible for free users to disable the update prompts.


Yes that is unfortunate. Version 7 in my view is awful and the updates are very annoying.

I tried to upgrade to version 7 two years ago but I decided to stay with version 6. Today I once more tried  version 7 but I didn’t like that the menu bar was gone. I couldn’t find any reason for doing the upgrade and reinstalled version 6. Is it possible to disable the update prompts? Maybe through a register hack or with third party software?

There are many advantages for upgrading to version 7. Other than bug fixes, there are tons of new features like Conversations, full GMail labels support, Customizing tool bars (which is something you may have missed), Translations of new messages, Delayed sending, etc. And those are just from the first version 7 update. Important in security features are improvements to the efail and mailspoilt problem, full S/MIME and PGP support etc.

But whatever works for you.