Program slow to load.

I am using Version 7.0.26687.0. When I first started using eM Client a few months ago it worked great. Now… about 80% of the time when I open it, it takes a very long time time to start. On some occasions it even freezes up my desktop for a minute or so when it is loading. Once open it will occasionally do the same thing when I start a new e-mail or try to reply to one. 

Just to clarify, I have a fast PC and am an experienced user. This is not a startup program issue or power issue. I have two accounts setup in the client, one POP3 and one IMAP 

Everything else runs fine and this program ran fine for awhile. I am thinking it maybe just got corrupted a bit in one of it’s upgrades and that deleting and reloading may be the solution but I thought I would post here for other ideas before I did that.

Any thoughts?

I have experienced the exact same thing on all installations in our office. I’m not sure, but it may have something to do with one of the latest Microsoft updates…possibly even the anniversary update.

Either way, it is a bug of some type that needs to be addressed.

I am using the same version of eM Client and have the exact same problem.

I also have the same problem

me too

Hello Bud,
can you try the latest release 7.0.27804.0 and see if you still experience the same problem?


Hello Sebastian,
can you try the latest release 7.0.27804.0 and see if you still experience the same problem?


When I start emClient (V7.0.27804) for the first time just aftrer booting Windows (10pro 1607) it takes quite some time. But that could be because other start up items are still booting. When I close enClient and restart after some time it is quite fast. Since V7 takes up a lot more space (311MB) than V6 (under 100MB) I would expect some longer start time. No real problem!

I have release 7.0.27943.0 and have the same problem. Very slow to open.

Hello Cindy,
would this be at Windows startup or anytime when you open eM Client?
Please mind that in the Windows startup case other programs woul be booting up as well.
Also, if you have more accounts or large amount of new data, the synchronization might be the reason as well.


I’m using version 7.0.27943.0 with two accounts and the program is increasingly slow. I have windows 10 with the anniversary upgrade and a very fast PC. it is impossible to read and answer emails mostly in every time the program is used. I have to give up emClient and it makes me sad because he was so good…

Hello yara,
can I just ask what mail accounts were these (gmail/outlook/yahoo/…) and how were they set up (IMAP/POP/Exchange)?
Just so we can try and see if we could perhaps found a possible reason for this slowness and maybe improve eM Client in next versions.


the problem exists since the program’s opening and on both accounts - gmail (IMAP) and (POP)
all responses are very slow
opening the messages, typing of texts, etc.

Have emclient 7.1.31849.0n my computer and other computers. In every case emclient takes a long time to load the FIRST time after booting Windows 10 Home Premium (fully updated). Can this be improved? Hoping. No difference between POP and IMAP, seems to be a simple program load challenge.

Maybe upgrade to the latest version available at and see if there is any difference.

I have noted that when I use " Check for updates", with version listed above, the message is  “No update available” yet they are available according to release history. I have now installed latest update. Loading may have improved, my ssd fast load makes it difficult to determine, will check with other users who have hard drives. Thanks for input.

I’m with version 7.2.37929.0 and it is the same. It takes at least double the time to appear and run after clicking on the launch button compared to all other programs.

Is your database stored on a mechanical hard disk?

No, I have an SSD drive