Program keeps crashing if email is in Draft Folder

I have installed the latest version - 7.2.36775.0 and now it seems to have a bug.
when i compose an email and it goes into the Draft Folder the program crashes. Then it goes thru the check database process, restarts and then crashes right away and gets stuck in that loop. I would then have to log onto the email server and remove that email from the Drafts directory and the program works fine again. Any updates on this would be great. 

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Maybe uninstall that version, then download and install 7.2.35595 from the Release History.

Hello Keith,

could you please copy the crash report to a text file and send it to

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Hi Russel,

On latest version and a mail in draft (Exchange) makes EM Client crash in an endless loop. Move it away and you can start it again. 

Win 10, updated with all bells and whistles.

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Hello Peter,

Thank you for reporting this.
I assume it’s not a general bug - I just tried it on our end and it works.
I’d recommend removing the Exchange account and reconfiguring it in Menu > Tools > Accounts section.


Hmm, tried that. Several times actually… To no avail I’m afraid. The only thing that helped was to move the draft to another folder, and hey presto! :slight_smile: