Program ist very slowly

Hello dear team,

i am currently using the free version of eMClient, because i want to switch to your tool in the future.

Currently I have a Gmail account via IMap and 3 GMail calendars.

But I find the tool extremely slow (I use Windows). When I open emClient, it takes 2-3 seconds until the program is opened. It also takes 1-2 seconds every time I want to reply to a mail or open a new mail.

I do not have this problem with other tools like Thunderbird or Outlook. How can I increase the performance? Because working like this is really no fun.


I have no idea what version you are using but this is not my expeience with eM Client. I find it lighting fast considering the number of email accounts I have, the volume of email, the number of calendars and events, etc.

Maybe it has to do with your system and OS. How about the behavior of other apps?
And have you tried to uninstall/reinstall eM Client? (to the latest version)

And btw, it is quite normal for an application to take 2-3 seconds (or even a lot more) to open.


Because it is a database, is relies on decent hard disk read/write speeds. If your OS, the application or especially the database directory is on a mechanical hard disk, performance is not going to be optimal. Having everything on an SSD would not only improve eM Client but also everything in Windows.

If that is not the issue, maybe free hard disk space is. Or as @Son-of-A-Gun recommends uninstalling and then re-installing the latest version of eM Client.

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I use the latest version of em client :-).

Also everything is installed on a SSD hard disk. The performance of my computer is more than sufficient. I work in video editing and use powerful programs that run smoothly.

I cannot explain it to myself :-(.