Procedure for Migrating Thunderbird Profile to EmClient

I am looking for the procedure to migrate a Thunderbird Profile to EmClient successfully.

For decades I’ve used Thunderbird – however, in the past few months, Thunderbird has undertaken a policy of forcing the users to create a new Profile each and every time there is a new software update ------

The newly created profile has Zero data from the former profile ---- and therefore the user has to ‘hope’ they can get the old profile data migrated into the new profile.

This is a stressful, time-consuming, and not effective process.

I reference the above, because as a user, after a few basic software updates, a person ends up with multiple profiles in their computer – a new profile having been created with each update -----------------

I need to determine how I can migrate the Profile that has the most complete emails/data onto EmClient?? - this would be the next to the last existing profile – not the latest one, which is blank.

Is there a video or some instructions somewhere??

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

If you have Thunderbird installed on the same computer profile, you can import directly into eM Client from Thunderbird via the “Menu / File / Import” menu.


I have Thunderbird on an older PC 10 –

and am migrating everything on this old computer to a new Win 11 –

I’m hoping that I might get the appropriate Thunderbird file I need onto a flash drive from the old computer and then use it on the new computer -----------------------therefore never actually needing to entirely put Thunderbird onto the new computer --------------only EmClient — and use the flash drive to migrate the profile ie old emails, contacts, etc

Is this doable – and if so what do I need to put onto the flash drive -------------------only a copy of the profile file ??? or will I have to comp[letely install Thunderbird onto the new computer?

Thanks in advance…

jueves 27 abril 2023 :: 0832hrs (UTC +0100)

I have been in a similar situation though not with Thunderbird.
Install eMC on the ‘Old’ computer
Follow the @cyberzork instructions
Run Menu ->Backup on eMC after this
Copy Backup to Flash Drive from …Documents/eM Client (default location)
Install eMC on Win 11 computer DO NOT bother with Account setup
Create …Documents/eM Client on Win11 computer & copy Backup…ZIP here
Menu ->File ->Restore (may take a while dependant on size of Backup file)


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