eM Client 6.0.20154.0; Microwindows NT6.2.9200.0; Framework 2.0.50727.8000

I cannot receive or send e-mail. I have windows 8.1  & eM Client on my computer when I purchased it about a year ago. It was working fine up to a day ago. I receive a message stating “Error has occurred in application that prevents it from continuing.” The application will terminate. Then another screen pops up saying Please  describe what you were doing and press continue. when I do that it indicates there are no errors. Can you help?

Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing the application? A driver might have gotten corrupted during a Windows update. Re-installing the app will make sure that all drivers and needed support files are good to go.

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Hi Tomas, do you see an error window that has a “Show error” button? If so can you click this button and display the crash error and post it here?

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