Problems with recurring events

2 problems using an Exchange account (Office 365):

  1. If I create a recurring event on the eM client, then modify one occurrence on the client, the Outlook webapp looks fine, but events are duplicated on the client’s side. Refreshing and/or waiting doesn’t help.
  2. If I create a recurring event on the webapp, and then modify one occurrence on the client’s side, sometimes it works and the webapp is updated, but sometimes I get an error saying occurrences are overlapping – when they aren’t.
  3. If I create a one-off event and then decide to transform it into a recurring event, the client’s visualization is updated but not the webapp.
    Any help appreciated. Using eM v6, w7, 64bits.

Hi Rodrigo, I’m unfortunately unable to replicate this issue, what version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer, can you please check the exact release number in Help > About?

The overlapping occurrences error unfortunately can be thrown by the server in case you move or adjust a recurrent item of your event over the specified recurrence rule, e.g. if you have your recurrence  setup to repeat each day/week, moving the event to the next day or week is not allowed as, the occurrence can only be scheduled for that day or week.

In case you would need to move the occurrence to another day/week you would have to remove the occurrence and work with the one setup for next day/week.