Problems with Lifetime activation

I baught lifetime upgrade for 3 PC. Mostly i get problems with receiving and also sending mails. Licence is showing “3 lifetime . . .” but when starting there will be shown “the version is newer than your licence - buy a new one or go back to v 7.xx”

You will need to contact eM Client directly.

Maybe try sending them an email at [email protected], or as a Pro License user you can open a support ticket at

Since 19.06. no response - how long do i have to wait for solution as PRO user?

Well, they don’t work on weekends, so you should get a response by tomorrow.

They do not work on mondays either?

They work on Mondays. They try to respond within 24 hours on work days or something like that. I understood that to mean that if you submitted your ticket on a Friday afternoon, you should get a response by Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning.

You can login to Pro Support and change the priority of your ticket, or you can email them on [email protected]. @Olivia_Rust commented today that there was some issue with licensing so that could also be it. See her comment at Bought 4 upgrade licenses for version 8 but am still on 7

I installed the latest updates this morning but after update v8 is “blocking” internet activity so its not possible to send mails. On starup there is showing that i shall buy the an upgrade while having 3 licences of v8 lifetime are marked in “Licence”.

If you need to contact them, but can’t send messages from eM Client, use the web interface for your provider. That way you can send and receive until they can reset your license.

Hi Alex,
we apologize for the inconvenience, there was a bug in our online store that was still giving out version 7 licenses/upgrades instead of eM Client 8.

This has now been fixed and all licenses purchased in the past 2 days have been fixed to be valid for eM Client 8.

If you encounter any issues with a purchase or eM Client license, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our sales department directly - [email protected].

As i wrote above: yesterday i installed the new version but the problems are the same. All outgoing mail will not beeen sent and will be left in outbox. The message i get ist that only OFFLINE mails are working - otherwise i have to buy a new version (while my licece tells "Lifetime 3x v 8 PRO BUT with Validation Date 08.05.2915 !) So i possible baught lifetime twice ?

Hi Alex,
we have fixed all the license validities just now when I sent you my reply, so please try using your license again now and it should work (and your email accounts should be back online). I have checked your license and it is now valid for eM Client 8.

Try re-activating your license in Menu>Help>License and see if it works this time.

To analyze your purchases, please do send your purchase IDs to Sales department so they can analyze your purchase history (once you get eM Client 8 working again, of course).

I just received the “Automatic Update” - after installing it seems that eMclient is working now. About Sales i will check later because all date shoul be in one backup from 2015.