Problems with importing contacts .csv files

When importing files into client as csv. files even though all the fields are selected only the name is exported to e-mail client contacts and not the e-mail adress ,tele # and other info. In the import instructions for .csv files it says to check off the headers (select) that you want exported,but when i do so it selects all the headers and not the individual field header. For example when i check off the last name header it selects all the headers.l And even if all of them are checked off only the name is exportedl. How do i correct this. Thanks! I suppose i can import .pst files(contacts) from outlook.

What version of eMC are you using?

I am using version 8.2.1659(845a639) which i believe is the latest version

During the import, you need to map the fields from the CSV to fields in eM Client.

Some will be mapped automatically if you select the option (1)

Those that aren’t, you can manually map by selecting the drop-down arrow (2) and assigning the correct field.

would you have any idea how to sort the contact list in microsoft outlook so it looks like the em-client list. By last name,first name and in alphabetical order from a to z. I had downloaded microsoft outlook 2016 because i can dictate my email into it with dragon naturally speaking which i had. I also had windows live mail ,but i uninstalled it as outlook is much like it. But personally i like em-client better. You can customize the client interface(colors) ,while in outlook you are limited to only four settings. Anyway any help would be appreciated… I did follow thee steps in a few you tube videos for sorting contacts,but they did not work out… Thanks! i lakin