Problems with iCloud Contacts

First off all, i love eM Client. I use it to sync my iCloud Account. Buti have some Problems with contacts:

  • If i use a picture in eM, i can see this also if a use the iCloud Online tool, but not on the iPhone. Furthermore, the item can’t edit longer in the iCloud tool. If i choose a picture in the iCloud tool, it will not be displayed at the eM Client.

  • More important to me: If i choose a topic for a phonenumber e.g. privat or mobil in the eM Client, the iCloud-Tool (and the iPhone) shows allways the same: the first number is “work” the second “privat”. It dosent matter wich topic i use in eM. The other way it works fine (from iCloud to eM-Client).

Is there a workaround especially for the second problem.

I’d like to bring this up again: I have the problem the other way around:
I have icloud contacts with profile pictures, but none of them show up in eMClient.


If you are talking only about profile picture then we know about this, we are working about this and it will be added in future patches.


Yes, only profile pictures. Thought I’d bring it up again since you seem to work on it for over a year now…


Btw. Is it Jan or John?

thanks for your understanding


John is English version of name Jan so I am using it on this forum, but I am subscribing as Jan because I am used to it so much that it is hard to break this habit :slight_smile:

Hallo … I have still the mentioned problem. My mayor problem is not the pictures. More annoying is the problem with the definition-part of phone-numbers.

Do you also work on this?



Flags will be repaired in next update (still in 5th version).

Issue with pictures are being worked on.


I also noticed some fields not syncing - i.e. Spouse Please advise. Regards, Jeff

Hi, these items are not synchronized because the format in which they’re saved are not standard, it’s not supported.
Maybe in the future.

Thank you for pointing this out,