Problems with Google authentification to use Gmail

Recently I can only access gmail after Google account password authentification. If I don’t, I don’t receive recent mail. If I complete the authentification then lately the same icon keeps popping up and I have to endlessly make authentification and allow eM client different accesses. I would like to solve this problem: either I only have to do it once or even better I don’t have to go through the Google account password authentitification every time (no benefit for me except being a real pain; I have been using gmail for years without having to do this when I switch on my computer - I don’t have to do this on my Iphone or my tablet to access my emails). Can anyone help me?
Thanks in advance.
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I am having same problem, any way to receive help? 

Might possible be something to do with eg: Google’s 2 step verification.

I did have to re setup that up not long ago in Google Security due to Gmail password error and i had the right password (as worked online) in browser. EMClient then asked to (allow access again) and no longer getting password problem.  Just a thought to try.

Failing that might be a problem with the mail account in EM Client. You could create a backup in EM Client via “Menu / File / Backup” and then remove your Gmail account and re-add account to test.


Well it seems that problem is solved, but I uninstalled EM-Client.

However now when add my license key to EM-Client 2 its not showing “pro” on status and I am only allowed two accounts. Can you please help me with this ?

As a Pro EM-Client user, I would recommend to then to login to the Pro Enterprise support page and you will get VIP support as per the below link. See Gary’s comments end of the below thread about logging in with correct registered login id.[settings][filter_by]=all&topic-reply-list[settings][reply_id]=20252926#reply_20252926

Pro / Enterprise support Info link

Pro / Enterprise Direct Support page