Problems with folders

I’m fairly new to Em Client (v.9.1.2109), and I am having trouble with Mail folders. I am a home user. I open my emails on my iPad early morning, and later I turn on my Windows 10 PC to check them and sort what I need etc.

Emails first received on my iPad (and set to keep on Server) show in my [email account name] Account Root header. Subfolders in ‘More’ include Inbox/Sent/Trash/Drafts/Junk E-Mail/Archive/
(the Inbox duplicates the emails in the Account Root name)

Emails not received on my iPad show in my [Local Folders] Account Root header
Subfolders show as Sent/ (my personal folders)/ under More inbox/Outbox/Trash/Drafts/Junk E-Mail
(the Inbox duplicates the emails shown in Local Folders)

I would like all my emails to arrive in the same Folder, and would like to be able to delete or hide unwanted folders, or be able to move wanted ones these closer to the Account Root header.

I just can’t get my head around what I have set up wrongly - need some help please!

Fixed it. Applied a Rule to send all emails received in my (email address) to my Local Folders/Inbox.