Problems with autentification on Gmail

I tried many times to log into Gmail, but after entering the correct password, and accept the terms - is the re-authorization request to Gmail. How do I solve this problem?

Hello Nataliya, can you please download this utility, and run the utility. On first run, please navigate to Tools > Fiddler Options > HTTPs > Decrypt HTTPs and enable traffic capture. Replicate this issue and next time the Google Authentication option is shown, authenticate or dismiss the authentication and submit the fiddler archive with the logging data to us.

Save the archive in File > Save as > Fiddler Archive, and submit the logging archive to my work mail, with a reference link to this forum topic.

Does the issue occur intermittently or for example after waking the computer up from sleep mode?

Also before you start the loggin procedure, make sure you’re using the latest available release of eM client or update using this installer, 6.0.22465.0 .

Thank you,

I have the same problem. That Google screen pops up every time that emClient starts, whether by system startup or manually. Here are links to the two screens that come up, the second is when you close the first without responding to the bogus request for username and password from your Google account.

I’ve installed the version you reference and the problem continues. BTW, it does not show up in MSE nor MalwareBytes scans, including rootkit scans. Further, the screen does not show up in Task Manager as either an app nor a process as far as I can tell. I reported this to Google as well…yeah, right.

I’ll try the Fiddler thing.

I sent you the log at your email address as described above. It has an .saz extension hopefully.

Thank you for the received data, I’ve submitted the data to the developers for more information about the issue.
Thank you for reporting us to Google, really appreciate that, the browser window that asks you for your password and asks for permission to your account information is a part of the application, so it’s a part of the “MailClient.exe” process in other words the eM Client process - more about the OAuth feature, here -

As I’ve suggested under another post of yours, this issue only occurs on certain setups and most certainly not with all our users, this unfortunately makes the issue resolving process a bit more complicated, we’re however working on resolving the problem.

Hope you understand,