Problems with AOL-Account since a few days

We haven’t had access to our AOL account for a few days. Allegedly the password is wrong. But it is not. We have access as usual via a WebBroser or another client. Removing the account and adding it back will fail. We don’t have authentication. The latest version of emClient 8 is installed. What can we do? Many Thanks

Check that you have not setup a secure mail key/app password for your AOL account.

If you have, you need to use that in place of the password in eM Client.

Thank you Gary,
but this ist not the Problem.
emClient says “Login invalid credentials”

Greetings Peter

Are you using your app password?

THank you Gary,
yes we do. .

Sorry Gary,
this was wrong. We did not use an app Password.

Can you please use the app password and see if there is any difference?