Problems related to Upgrade to v. 7 pro

  1. Not all Sent messages have been transitioned from v. 6.
  2. Some of Sent messages have just the part of the text.
  3. No bar in the bottom of the main window looks odd, like it was cut at random.
  4. Don’t know what other errors I might find in other folders. So, if it is not fixed is it possible to get back to v. 6 and get the money refund?

What account has the problem with the Sent messages? In case of migration of Gmail, Google Apps and accounts we re-download the messages from server and this may take a little while.

Can you send us screenshot of some of the messages where do you see the missing text? Is there a “…” marker in the text? If it is then you can click it to expand. This is part of the conversations feature where related mails are grouped together and it could be turned off in Menu > View > Conversations.

For any other questions or refund information you can always contact us at Downgrade to version 6 is possible unless you deleted the old data during the migration process.