Problems opening PDF attachments


I currently have an emClient in my company where we are having problems opening PDF documents from attachments. It often happens that when you double-click on the PDF, the Acrobar Reader only opens after 10 seconds. If I close it and open a PDF again, it works quickly. This happens again and again in no exact pattern.

Virus software has already been checked and Acrobat reinstalled. The emClient was also reinstalled. Recreated the profile folder and restored it - unfortunately all without success.

The problem also exists without Acrobat Reader - it then takes a while until the PDF is opened in EDGE.

Does anyone here have an idea for me to save the installation?

It seems the first time you click on it, the attachment needs to be downloaded before it can be opened.

There is something you can try, which will cache attachments when they arrive so when you later click on them, they should open immediately.

Go to Menu > Accounts and click on the IMAP or Exchange tab for the account. Scroll down to Sync Options, choose the options and click on Save & Close.

In version 9:


In version 10:


OK, i will try this. But if you open several attachments more than once the problem also occures.

Downloading the messages and attachments does not help.