Problems Importing Thunderbird Email From Folder

I’m trying to transition my wife from Thunderbird to Em Client in the hopes she can use it as her new local email client.

I’ve searched for a solution for this issue but have had no luck.

I installed Em Client on the new PC and copied over the Thunderbird data files from Appdata (.msf and corresponding files with no extension)

When I try to import from within Em Client, it detects the lack of Thunderbird software (which is expected) and suggests doing an import of the existing Thunderbird data files. But when I continue and select either import account or local folders and point it towards said transferred data files, I am unable to proceed as it never shows any of the data files to import.

On the Select folders to import screen, all I see is a blank window.

Any ideas what I can do to have eM Client see and be able to import these data files?


Can you install Thunderbird on that computer, then when all the data is visible in Thunderbird, try the import again.

Thanks for the suggestion, Gary! I will try and that to see if that enables the import process to go forward.


That did the trick. I had to install Thunderbird and then overwrote the Thunderbird profile with the original from the old PC.

Once that was done and working, I tried the eM Client import and it now recognized all of the mail folders.

Thanks again for the suggestion!


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