Problems importing LiveMail

I have a huge LiveMail database,
my store folder is 40 gigs. I’ve tried importing the whole account under
File/import and also tried selected folders. the ones I tried had about 12,000 and both times I got about 4800 imported and then EM crashed. I then tried dragging EML files into EM and that worked but every time I’ve done it, they were missing emails. In other words I dragged 500 EML files and ended up with 352, I tried even just 60 very small 2 kb files and only 55 got imported. No crashes during these drag and drop methods. What is the best way to do this that yields accurate results?
I originally started with Outlook Express in 1992 and have been using Live Mail for about 5 or so years. Live Mail is pretty quirky and so it rebuilt the database a few times and there are many blank folders and lot’s or folders saying “recovered files”. I’ve tried to weed through these in LiveMail and consolidate some folders. So maybe it’s a mess. That’s why I started trying to do this 1 folder at a time. I’d love some guidance – thanks.

Conversation mode counts all messages in a conversation as one email. So in your 60 eml files, the missing 5 probably belong to conversations.

If you turn off conversations (Menu > View > Conversations) do the folders total correctly?

Yes you’re right. I was able to figure this out last night and was wondering what those numbers in the black box to the right of the messages meant. And figured it was counting up conversations. It took me a while to see how to view the conversation tree in the bottom message window, but I did. 

I never have liked that feature in an email program, only in newsgroups, so it’s always disabled in Live Mail. So actually this is  huge breakthrough, I was getting close to trying another email program until I found this out.

I also found out that it’s better to stop the feature of marking emails as read automatically, because that also reducing that number count. EM Client does seem to crash if importing too many emails, so far about 10,000 is the most I got without a crash. I may just manually drag the EML files from my store folder to get this imported. Thanks for your help