Problems after update - server error messages, email is still up- and down-loading but errors pop up continuously

I keep getting “server unavailable” and “password or user name incorrect” errors even though my email is still being sent and received. This has been happening since 4/27/13, yesterday, when I allowed the update to run. I am currently at version 5.0.17918.0

I spent an hour and a half on the phone with my ISP tech support, and nothing they found could account for it. It is quite annoying to see the error messages pop up after a successful send & receive.

OS= Windows 7 home version, ISP = AT&T with as email service

I am having the exact same problem as Mari in the above topic.
I am using Windows 8 and my email provider is AT&T UVerse.

Same as Mari. Prior to update I got frequent exclamation marks indicating connect failure. I had high hopes the update might cure this, but no: post-update, it is even more annoying as the Password/User Incorrect box now pops up and clicking “OK” on it does no good, it can only be “Canceled”. This happens on almost every sync attempt after the initial. I have tried every possible permutation of Caldav & Carddav enabled and disabled, different server ports, AV settings, etc. There is a fundamental problem somewhere between em Client and AT&T/Yahoo.

Win 7 Ultimate 64, Yahoo (AT&T) mail, account, IMAP, Bitdefender 2013 AV

I have the exact same problem with ymail. My account is perfectly fine online, on my android tablet and on my android phone. It is DEFINITELY a failure in em Client only. Has anyone gotten any response from tech support in terms of when they plan to resolve the problem? I work from my ymail account and use em Client as primary email client. Has anyone tried to simply uninstall the most recent update?

As a follow-up, another update, to 5.0.17944.0, has just installed. I STILL get frequent (every 3-5 minutes) exclamation marks indicating connect failure with Yahoo/AT&T. So far no “Incorrect Password/User” error box, but, historically that does not always show up until later in a session, so don’t know about that yet.

In reply to Ms. Webb, this frequent disconnect alarm was present for me before both of the two recent updates, so I have not tried going back.

I’m idly wondering if one of the Microsoft Updates to Windows 7 could be having an effect?? Pure speculation . . .

I am having the same problem, right after installing the last update 5.0.17944.0, I was not able to connect to my ISP’s IMAP server anymore. It says: "Server says “ERROR 119 invalid user or password err 30”. Before updating, IMAP had been working fine for months (although it did not passed the diagnostics test).

I have checked with other client that the server is working fine.

I hope you find a solution soon. Meanwhile, I will try to roll back to the version prior to updating.

I love your product. I was about to upgrade to the full version and I still will eventually. But please put yourself in my shoes. Your customer service is non-existant.
You have not fixed this very irritating servor error message problem that has been going on for days. No one from EM Client has even taken a moment to address this problem.
People have been complaining for months about the automatic downloading of pictures and nothing has happened. The emails are now minimized when opened. What’s with that?
You have a wonderful piece of software. Please treat it as such and sit back and watch your customer base grow.

Since the last download, the update has worked just fine for me. The bug-fix worked ! Thank you.

What version do you have? I downloaded the latest update but still having issues… are there individual bug fixes? If so… where can I get it?

I have auto update notifications turned on - or something like that - when I opened eM yesterday, it said it had an update, the description looked like it addressed my issues, but it wasn’t a new version, just an update. So I loaded it. Same version, just an update. For what it’s worth, I use the free version.

Same problem also on IMAP GoDaddy email accounts. I am still receiving emails and sending, but errors are popping up a lot.

To all:
If the problem is still actual, send us your IMAP logs. Go to menu Tools->Settings->Advanced->Logging and check “IMAP” under the problematic account. Then restart eM Client, try to simulate the issue and send us (with reference to this topic) the logs using the same logging settings window. Thank you.

Hi George, I did that and sent the logs to your support email. I got a reply today from Juraj Micek that I needed to check with my ISP. Well the two that have issues are GoDaddy and Google. Good luck telling them that they have issues. I use AquaMail on my Galaxy S3 connecting to the same accounts and it is flawless. These issues seem to come and go, maybe you need an option to hide intermittent connection failures. I REALLY like this product and want to purchase it for a few work stations that we have here, but I am concerned with this issue and the contact search issue. You have a GREAT product, don’t let it get tarnished with basic problems.



I also heard from Mr. Micek who blamed the problem on Yahoo mail. Since I can’t duplicate this connection failure pop up on Outlook or the Windows 8 Yahoo App, the fault comes back to your product. The idea that John had about hiding these intermittent connection failures with an option was a great idea.
I too would like to purchase this email product because it is so much better than anything out there. Until you can control these bothersome flaws, I’ll just wait and watch and hope that you can fix this program.

Same as above, Mr. Micek attributes the “exclamation mark” disconnect alarms to Yahoo Mail server behavior, and the popup error box to Yahoo Caldav server behavior. (I do not, incidentally, even use the Yahoo calendar, and it is always disabled for me anyway.)

In a direct reply to the support department I have said the same as previous posters: that even if Yahoo IS the root cause, still, other software such as Thunderbird does NOT make it an issue for the user. It does seem like a silent, automatic reconnect option in eM Client might be what is needed?

Also: I definitely agree that everything else in eM Client is excellent and far better than the competition; what a pity if this one annoyance cannot be fixed!!

When the error message appears again, copy the text from the tab Logs in the Operations window and post it here please. It will maybe contain some useful info.

It doesn’t matter if there is a fault with the server. The problem here is that eM Client is grossly intolerant of faults. I have two Google accounts in the same client, and regularly find that one of them has a little triangle next to it. Of course, the app will never recover from that automatically, so it stops receiving email, and so I stop getting notifications - the thing I’m relying on the app to give me! Occasionally it will stop receiving email without giving a warning, leaving me without any warning, and with the only way to recover to restart the app. It’s amazing with the rise of mobile connections, companies still haven’t realized that they need to make their apps robust to network / server problems.

The red triangle should disappear after the next synchronization, check the synchronization interval in Tools - Settings - General and try to decrease it e.g. to 2 minutes. Let me know if it helped.

I have tried your advice George and have changed the sync interval to 2 minutes. I will update everyone on whether this makes a difference or not

I can confirm that George’s advice here definitely works. It is also suggested in another thread that I am following - change the sync interval to 2 minutes. The other thread suggests what the problem was but this change definitely fixes it. Thank you George