Problemas con Skype/Skype Problem

Hola, espero que alguien me pueda responder en español, hace un tiempo utilizo eM Client, y la verdad encuentro que tiene virtudes espectaculares, sin embargo segun veo no puedo conectar mi cuenta de Skype a este gestor, es por eso que consulto:
¿Es posible conectar una cuenta de Skype?
¿Existe algun manual de configuración?
¿o simplemente es un problema de Skype y no eM Client?

Espero me puedan ayudar con este detalle, gracias

Hello, I hope someone can answer me in Spanish, some time ago I use eM Client, and truth encounter which has spectacular virtues, but as I see I can not connect my Skype account to this manager, that’s why I consult:
Is it possible to connect a Skype account?
Is there any manual configuration?
Or is it just a problem of Skype and eM Client not?

I hope you can help me with this detail, thanks

unfortunately we do not support any Skype integration at the moment. We did previously but unfortunately not anymore.
Thank you,

Thank you very much, so fast that you have answered me, and it really is excellent eM Client well above outlook and thunderbird …

No worries, if you experience any issues or you have any trouble with the setup, check back with us and we’ll try to resolve it.