Sudden disappearance of free program with license, being thanked for downloading / trying the Client but I’ve been using it for almost a year regularly activating with license when asked.  Now the whole thing is gone with no place to reactivate.  Why?  Please can you help me restore everything or do I have to go through the whole activation process again as if a new customer?  It’s a problem - unless this is a way to make me buy the program, but i only need one copy, at most two, second one for the laptop.

How do you mean the whole thing is gone? Is the application no longer installed?

You can download and install the latest version from After you have installed go to Menu > Help > License, where you can activate with your existing Free License key.

To use eM Client on a second computer, you will need to register a second Free License using a separate email address.

Sorry for not thanking  you, only just seen this!  I had moved the Storage folder to another disk on my pc!  When I moved it back, all was restored to normal again.  Thanks for your reply 2 months ago!