Problem within emclient

Email received with web “go to” addresses embedded but no longer activated, and error notification “application not found” and “check your system associations.” System associations?

Email received with web “go to” addresses embedded but no longer activated.

Sounds like to me “an outdated email address element” within that email that needs to be updated “at the senders end” in whatever email application they are using.

I would contact the sender if you know them and advise them of the error to get that fixed for future.

If you don’t know the sender, suggest to delete it.

That’s usual solution, but not the case here where ALL emails have this problem (suddenly for some unknown reason).

If its happening “with all emails you receive even with valid email address’s” in the senders email, then could be possibly the emails might be eg: encrypted and the certificate is expired and maybe needs to be reactivated. You can see if there is any encryption certificates setup in eM Client via the following settings. “Menu / Settings / Signing and Encryption / Certificates and Keys” .

Apart from that if no encryption certificates setup, click the dropdown on the right of Refresh at the top left and click “Show Operations” and then click the “Log Tab”. Then look for any obvious errors and & paste it in this thread. We might then be able to see what the problem is.

Thanks for your effort. The problem suddenly cleared up yesterday and I have no idea why. I did go through the various operations you suggested (before and after your suggestion) but found nothing - no encryption or certificates or keys, and nothing in the operations (log or error). So at this point it is a mystery, and note that the problem was also within some of the menu items (would not “go to” to item selected). Thanks again, but I’m sort of worried about the next time.