Problem with Update Beta 7.1

Hello, I use the beta version 7.1.29274.0, this runs excellently. If I however an update on 7.1.30115 or 7.1.30166 would like to install I get always the following error message:

Windows 10 Pro 64bit

The download link is not yet on the website,
you can download the setup file this way… 7.1.30166 /setup.msi

Hello, as I have already written, I have both versions already loaded 7.1.30115 and 7.1.30166. The problem is not the download but lies with the installation, here the error occurs, with both versions.

I think it’s because the automatic update doesn’t work properly.

So, that’s why I suggest you to download and update eM Client manually.

This is what I did today, it installed and is working perfectly.

Thanks for your reply and your suggestion. I have both versions installed separately, not as an update also the version 7.1.30166 as suggested by you. Each time the result was the same as described above.

This happens because the directory for storing the diagnostic log files is inaccessible. Normally the default location for the log files is inside the database directory, but it has apparently been changed here. We will issue an update for the beta shortly to address this issue.

UPDATE: Hotfix is available at

Hello Filip, thanks for the hotfix on version 7.1.30240. Now everything works as it should.

Unfortunately it does not work as perfect as it looked at the beginning after the hotfix. If I want to terminate the emClient, eternal error message appears.
No matter whether you click on the X or MENU - FILE - EXIT.

Hello, someone has an idea to what this error could be? Each time the emC is restarted, the databak is checked.

The problem still exists. It is very annoying if at the end every time the error message appears and when restarting the emClient always the database is checked.

Hello, has here really no one tip for me how I could solve the problem?


I have the same problem, which initially appeared after the installation of the UPDATE a month ago or so.
The result is such that the eM Client crashes many times daily at seemingly random pattern.
In the meantime I installed a Beta version since I found “the solution” somewhere here on the forum. 
However, after the installation of the Beta version, the same error message started appearing.
If I X it after it crashes (indefinitely displays loading “hourglass” a.k.a. spinning circle, I need to restart the PC (Dell XPS 13).
The only way to get it back without restarting the PC is to kill the proces via Task Manager.
And then… I get the infamous database check screen… Every single time… Since the database did not shut down properly…
All in all - It is disturbingly annoying and I really wanted to start using any other client if this mess does not get solved soon!

trying out the Hotfix…

Hello, it was obviously not a problem of eM client. I have this morning my Windows 10 Pro, 64bit reinstalled and then again the eM Client and what should I say, allos OK no more error messages. Excellent!

Seems that the hotfix worked fine for me. Haven’t had a crash since.