Problem with the Dark theme

I noticed that while using the dark them, if I right-click on an item in the message list that is not currently selected, there is no outline drawn around the item when the popup menu appears to indicate which item will be affected by the popup actions.  The other themes outline the affected item.

A small, but potentially confusing issue.

Which version of eM Client are you using Peter?

In 7.1.31849 I actually think the outline is clearer in the Dark Theme than in the default Modern Theme.

I have version 7.1.31849.0. I can see the outline now when I turn the screen brightness up. Before I was using my computer at night with the brightness turned down, and I couldn’t see the outline. Under those conditions, the outline on the classic theme is much easier for me to see.

Thanks for your reply, and sorry about the erroneous problem report.

Yes, the Classic is better than the Modern in this instance because the outline is a different colour to the separator between the days, so is much easier to see.

Themes can be edited, but I do not find the reference for that border.

This is related to your issue, though not exactly the same.
I’ve upgraded to 7.2 and am using a modified dark theme. However when I right click on an item to bring up the pop-up menu, the item is not “selected” so the “selected” color does not highlight the item, but if I left click to select the item, then right click to bring up the popup, the item stays selected. 
It seems that right clicking should automatically “select the item.”
Can this behavior be handled in the theme file?

Themes seems to be broken in all 7.2 (up to .33939). Test: save stock dark theme and import it new ->right sidebar and some colors are wrong

The Themes that came with 7.2.x seem to be OK on mine, but maybe there is some issue with exporting/importing. Otherwise they work OK if you just use them as they are. If you have a Pro License, please open a support ticket so that the developers can look into your problem.

Hi all,

We received several issue reports on the 7.2 version’s Dark Theme so we decided to switch back to the original dark theme and the option to change to “fully dark” will come as a settings option. This will be part of the next update.


@Russel Markosky Same problem for 7.2.39988: Export original dark theme and import the exported one (without modifiying it) --> right sidebar colors are wrong.

I came here to report the same issue.  Have you submitted a support ticket?

I eval’d EMC sometime last year, and I found a lot I liked about it.  And I was ready to convert and to give my recommendation to my employer for at least my dev guys to be able to switch as well.  But as programmers who do long hours in front of our workstations, we’re finicky about the appearance/behavior of every app we have to use more than little and an email clients is right up there.  So I was really shocked to see how cumbersome it was to work with EMC’s theme stuff, how few themes there were, and how little information there was.  I wasted a fair bit of time trying to alter a tiny line that made my dark them NOT work.  So I wrote to them and encouraged them to look at some of the non-email apps I used that allow a user to inject some css and tweak EVERY UI element in the app - with amazing granularity.  I recall changing one thing in my EMC theme and several things changed with it!  And the apps all had great docs but also a css-spy util so you could click anywhere in the UI and find out which element you needed to code your css for.  Development IDEs and text editors, and one of EMC’s biggest competitors I believe.  I had hope someone would - y’know - just do a little homework.  What I did get was a rather vague email that said they were “looking at improving theme functionality” in an upcoming release but it was unlikely to be the next release because their resources (aka keyboard jocks) were tied up doing the Mac version.  

So I got a little concerned, and looked up their history and how long it took to put out new releases.  And that got me even more concerned.  In the current age of software, nobody takes 2 years to release an update, especially with something like this dark theme stuff that - was really the only reason I chose to re-eval EMC!  It’s a FIX!  And I feel fairly confident I’m correct that it wouldn’t take even 1 programmer a MONTH to fix the bug.    But one other thing I noticed last year - and it obviously hasn’t changed.   I found posts 5-6 years old and older that had a steady stream of users checking in periodically and yet there I was years later and the issue still existed (in fairness, I say issue, I’m not claiming these were bug reports, but I do recall several that were “broken functionality” whether by design or mishap is irrelevant.

Those 3 things killed it for me and my team last year, and honestly I have not seen any improvement here.
And that really DOES make me sad and disappointed, because there’s a good community of folks here, and there’s still a lot I like about the product.  But there’s a reason most programmers use dark themes, with low contrast.  Because those bright colors can cause serious migraines!  And I haven’t see any signs that these folks are in this for the long haul.  

So there goes my summary of my re-eval of EMC.
By the time they do another release I won’t be considering a desktop app again! LOL

Good Luck fellow forum folks!

(ps: feel free to message me privately if anyone is interested in my decision but it is definitely NOT a competing product or company - I’ve decided I’m getting rid of Gmail -and- Google altogether!)