Problem with TalkTalk?

My ISP is TalkTalk and I have 2 linked Tiscali email addresses which I read using EMClient. Yesterday all activity from one address ceased with constant “Attempt to connect…failed” errors. The other continued to work normally and still does. I checked via the TalkTalk website and more than 70 emails were ready to download. What could be causing the connection errors and why is only one of the addresses affected?

Any chance of a response to this? TalkTalk are denying all responsibility and will do nothing.


If you have not already tried, perhaps you can try removing the account from eM Client and adding it back.

Hi Sunriseal. Yes, tried that but got an error : “The server was found but authentication failed. Check the email address and password.” I did and both are correct, worked perfectly last week and can be used to sign into TalkTalk directly.


Found this thread from 2018:

It advises checking settings in Menu>Tools>Accounts. This seems to have disappeared in my version of EMClient. Anyone know what it is now?


Current version: Menu>Accounts