Problem with Synch

As of this morning, most email accounts no longer sync. Sometimes I can force a sync by clicking on the triangle, but that doesn’t last long.
It’s not a problem with the email provider, because it occurs with different ones.
I have already restored the database from a backup and uninstalled and reinstalled the client. It didn’t bring any change

The ones in your screenshot are all the same company. The warning chevron means a connection issue, but it could be a server issue. You will find the error in Menu > Operations Log tab, which will give more details. Look for an IMAP error for those accounts.

That won’t make any difference as the issue is not with eM Client.

it just happened to be the same company in the screenshot. It affected Gmail,,, skymail, yahoo and others.
You can also see web_de and gmx_de in the screenshot
But I found the problem.
Yesterday I downloaded a program from a reputable site and noticed in the Takmanager that AVG antivirus was apparently installed. Such a crap. After uninstalling and restarting everything works again.

Yes, they are the same company.

Yeah, most of our users are already aware of AVG/AVAST. This happens with other anti-virus apps as well as with VPNs. You just need to be aware that if you have these security apps installed on your device, they will restrict access to the Internet. That is partly their purpose after all, so they just need to be configured correctly.

Since today I’ve also been careful with these programs, although I didn’t notice that AVG was also installed. I only use Windows Defender and usually brain.exe. But I probably didn’t this time.
It’s just strange that Thunderbird wasn’t blocked.
Anyway, thanks for the help and have a nice day? Evening? At least it’s evening for us now