Problem with Sent Mail not Showing - Unable to create Folder

Downloaded Free Version to see whether worth Purchasing as using 3x Accounts - Can Receive e-mails okay - inc with Images.  - Can Send okay, but it does not show in Sent Box
Am getting 2x Errors - (IMAP) Unable to Create Folder “” on the Server (invalid mailbox name) and also  - more importantly - (IMAP) Unable to create folder “” on the Server (invalid mailbox name) 0- obviously I need to Save and Access Sent items - and need this working before making a Purchase - 

Am not that Computer Literate, so was hoping for an easy Click and everything okay - I can follow basic instructions, but do not fully understand technical jargon - 

Hoping someone can assist - Many Thanks - Kevin

Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and remove this email account from eM Client. Then add it again by clicking on the + icon and select the Automatic Setup.

Hi Gary, - Thanks for the reply, - I have a couple of Questions before I take that Step - I have a section at the Top that says Smart Folders  - this seems to be okay, as it shows Sent items, Trash and Drafts - which have not disappeared overnight with laptop Shut-down - I assume when I remove the Account and then Re-install with Auto Set-up everything will be as it was prior to removing - 
ie e-mails sent since transferring to eM Client …? - eM Client is looking a great Program, that no doubt I will only be using 5% of - Finally, at the moment I only have the 1x Account on eM - 

Thanks - Kevin

The Smart Folders will not be affected by this, but as a precaution, you can make a backup first. Use Menu > File > Backup, then at any time if you want to go back use Menu > File > Restore. The backup will include any settings or customization you have made in eM Client.

If it is an IMAP account, then removing it and adding it again will give the same account folders, but hopefully without the error.

Hi Gary, - Thanks again - I tried the Back-up but it just Clicked and seemed to do nothing, so I removed the Account and then Re-installed  - on Auto Set-up it is not able to determine the Server Settings for the Account, so I clicked Manual - not sure what to enter so I got the IMAP and SMTP Settings from the Windows Live Mail 2012 Account - IMAP Ticked as okay - but SMTP said it did not match the Certificate and maybe spurious - I checked the Certificate and it shows - so I tried Manual again using instead of - same result - However, under Smart Folders I have a full Inbox - Unread and Flagged but No Sent items - Have also noticed, that having spent best part of 4hrs today putting in Contacts the Contacts Folder is empty - Please do not tell me I have just wasted in excess of 4Hrs entering Contacts - e-mail address and Tel No;s …?

No, this is why you made a backup. If you use Menu > File > Restore, you will be back where you were.

Hi Gary, - Apologies for long e-mail, but am trying to include all that I think might be relevant

Switched off laptop and now have Contacts Back along with all my alterations to the Settings in relation to Font Size - Colour etc - However, Back-up failed to Work - and even on the 
Version I now have if I select Back-up it gives me the dialog saying it may take a few minutes, but if I click YES the Dialog Box disappears and nothing happens - no whirling wheels, progress bars and Mouse Icon just sits there doing nothing - Hence No Back-up was made, so I took the chance of the Smart Folders not being affected - which on Unread and Flagged they are not - but Sent - Nothing
Have just dropped a message into Trash, and that shows up okay in Smart Folder - 

at the Moment - 993 and 587 - if I click Diagnose bith IMAP and SMTP come back as okay …?

It is sending and receiving e-mails okay - but still have the original problem with Local Folders and 

Again, apologies for long e-mail, but New Laptop, and a little spare time, as back to Work Monday,
tried Windows 10s Mail - Would not show any Sent Messages - 

Am Running Windows 10s and downloaded the eM from the Microsoft App Store, after reading reviews 

Thanks - Kevin

In eM Client go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and click on the IMAP tab. Make sure the port is set to 993 and the security policy is set to Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy). I think that they might recommend port 143, so if 993 does not work, try that. For port 143 the security policy should be  Use SSL/TLS if available.

Next, click on the SMTP tab and make sure that the port is set to  587 and the security policy is   Force usage of SSL/TLS.

Hi Gary, - Thanks again for taking the time - You have given me the confidence to play around and am now at the following state-of-play -

Tried all of the above, which was fairly straightforward as your Names - Figures - Statements were pretty well correct - Shut-down Laptop after removing each time I removed the Account - just in case

These are the Settings shown via Tools - Accounts - Port 993                                         Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy) Port 25                                            Force Usage of SSL / TLS

there is also a ticked box - Server requires authentication and Use Identity credentials

Smart Folder - All Inboxes show e-mails back from early January 2020

Sent - Empty, but will show a message if sent

Drafts - Began an e-mail and when closed offered Drafts - okay and can be recovered

Unread - Shows Unread messages

Flagged - shows Flagged massages from Inbox

Local Folders - All Empty

If I click on my e-mail Address

Inbox - Shows e-mails back to early January 2020

Sent - as per Smart Folder - but with a Red Triangle

Draft - as per Smart Folder - but with a Red Triangle

Every time I write an e-mail or access the Program I get the Error Box

(IMAP) Unable to create a Folder “” on the Server
(invalid mailbox name)

Same message for Drafts

I am currently using Windows Live mail 2012 on a Laptop destined for Scrap, and e-mails using the
same address are fine - 

What I find frustrating, is the more I play around with this program, am finding it fairly User-friendly 
in Options and Settings - (ie Font - Highlight - Background etc) and this Unable to create Folder is
just becoming a Pain

Hope there is enough Info for any further diagnosis - 

At the moment, still able to use the soon to be defunct Laptop, so at least I know I can still
Send / Receive okay - and more importantly access any Quotes in the Sent Folder

In Hope and Anticipation - 

Many Thanks again - Kevin

I see for your SMTP settings you have: Port 25  Force Usage of SSL / TLS

Please change that to: Port 25  Use SSL/TLS if available

Hi Gary, - Have altered the to Use SSL / TLS if available - Closed program and Shut-down Laptop.

Restarted and as soon as I opened the eM Client ig 2x Identical Messages - as per previous - 
Unable to Create …(invalid mailbox Name) - I then checked the SMTP Settings again and 
they were still as altered - Use SSL / TLS if available - I also seem to receive a Test Message each time I alter a Setting - - I have also sent a few e-mails to the eM Client via Phone inc Images and 
from Camera Phone and they seem perfect - 

Anything else I can try - …?

Many Thanks - Kevin

Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and click on the account.

On the IMAP tab, scroll down to Special Folders.

Untick Automatically detect special folder names.

Change them to:

Sent:    Inbox.Sent
Drafts:  Inbox.Drafts
Trash:  Inbox.Trash
Junk:   Inbox.Junk E-mail (this one may be incorrect, so maybe don’t change it)

Restart eM Client.

Hi Gary, - Thanks for clear instructions - Changed all except the Junk Folder - Closed the Program and Shut-down the Laptop - Restarted Laptop and as soon as I clicked on eM Client 2x Messages as per previous - Unable to Create Folder … (Invalid mailbox name) - 

Not noticed previously, but the Sent in Smart Folders did show a message I had sent by my Phone to the  Account with Images of today’s work - which had appeared in the Smart Folders Inbox just after sending - I used this as a Test Message with Images to ensure I still had incoming e-mails - 

I did receive an e-mail from Anthony Cooper at eM Client Support, as while looking around the Program that looked as if I could send a History of Logs - so thinking I was doing my bit for Customer Service I sent - not expecting a reply - then at 18.55Hrs Today (Monday) I get an e-mail from
Anthony Cooper -

As always - Many Thanks - Kevin  

I think Anthony is in a better position to assist you. :wink:

Top Service - Really helpful, and when I explained my lack of Computer Knowledge the Instructions given were so concise and easy to follow, that I never had to message back - “What do you mean by that…?” 

This sort of behind the scenes Service, is what makes Independent Programs so good - 

Again - Thanks Gary - Top Bloke

Hi Gary -  1st of many thanks for sticking with this problem - I will relay the scenario to Anthony
and should we manage to resolve the Problem, will drop you a line - 

Many Thanks again for all of your Help - easy to follow Instructions and giving me confidence to
look further into the program - 

Keep Well and Stay Safe

All the Best  - Kevin

I have recently changed from Windows Live Mail 2012 to eM Client, as it offered a nice and simple port from Live Mail, unlike some of the other email clients.

I am with Plusnet and am having the same problems as Kevin when using IMAP, i.e. getting messages about not being able to create a Sent folder on the server (and a red triangle on the local Sent folder)

When I send an email from my iPhone it always leaves a copy on the Sent folder on my Plusnet webmail account, but for some reason eM client seems to have problems with this.

Has anyone made any progress with this yet?

Hi Peter, - Thanks for e-mail - as yet problem not resolved - I did forward details to Anthony Cooper, but have not wanted to chase as it is not High Priority in the current situation - 

However, as I am usually very busy working on-site, time in the Office is Limited, so I saw this enforced hiatus as providing time to resolve all the Issues normally put to one side - 

Any assistance would be appreciated, I am using this e-mail Client to Write / Send e-mails and those 
I have sent seem to be saved - I would however like to retrieve e-mails sent that are on my soon to be defunct Laptop and also not to keep getting the error message

I am not that Computer Literate, so easy to follow instructions - if you require me to make any
changes - would be fantastic

Hoping you can help - Kevin

Hi Kevin, thanks for your response.

I seem to remember reading somewhere that eM Client can not create certain folders (e.g. Sent) on the Plusnet server because they are regarded as “top level” and therefore protected.

Update: I’ve found this article on one of the Plusnet Community pages:

I don’t know if that throws any more light onto the subject, or just muddies the waters!

Anyway instead of using IMAP, I finished up using POP3, which seems to work OK for me. I can choose to leave messages on the Plusnet server or not.

Although I’m still not sure why my iPhone manages to write to my Plusnet “Sent” folder (as observed by looking at Plusnet webmail) but eM Client can’t.

Not the end of the world I suppose, but just a little annoying sometimes.  

Possibly not the answer you were looking for, but I hope it helps a little.

Hi Peter, - Yes, it does throw another ‘Oh, we have not tried that yet’ - The link to the Plusnet Forum queried my fault to a tee - However, the replies / answers went of into Computer Jargon way beyond
my Confidence Level - as soon as I got a ‘Are you sure’ or ‘Warning’  Message Box - I would have cancelled - 

However, if I change to Pop3 as per your Screenshot - will that afect anything I already have in the eMClient …? - and will it download the Sent Box from ,y almost Defunct Laptop - …? - 

Thanks - Kevin