Problem with right click>download selected in mail tab

Hi am using Windows vista OS and can not download selected mail when I right click on header. When I try to save mail to disk and then delete on server I find that I have to delete the mail from eM Client. The mail is still on server when I use the Move to folder, or, Copy to folder action.

Is it possible to have a tick box for each header to right click and select …

>Tick all items
>Untick all items
>Download & save  >All mail
                                 >Selected items
>Delete on server    >All mail
                                 >Selected items

This would probally mean that there would need to be a way to select which folder to save mail to.

Also an error msg would be nice when trying to send/recieve mail when not connected or server is down

Probally not possible but worthwhile asking anyway

Hi Peter, this is unfortunately not possible, if you’re using a POP account, you can setup the server settings for the account in Tools > Accounts > Your POP account > POP3, and setup your server to delete all messages that have been downloaded by eM Client, or to remove them after X days on the server.

Using IMAP, all your items are synchronized with the server, e.g. having an option to remove the items on the server would remove the items from eM Client as well. When using an IMAP connection, just delete the messages you no longer need and they will be removed from the server as well.

You can use shortcuts to quickly move all your items to trash.

Thank you,

Hi Paul
I had a feeling that the idea was not possible.
I suppose the only way is to Export mail as HTML and then delete mail from server.


Hi again Peter, not completely sure what you’re suggesting.

The download selected option is for downloading the contents of the message for offline use into eM Client’s database, this can be performed when the data are not synchronized with the client yet.

eM Client by default only downloads the headers of emails allowing you to synchronize your items quicker, however the body or attachments of the message are downloaded once you open the message or by using the download selected option, the option is however mostly used for a larger group of emails.

Hope this helps,