Problem with ReadOnly Caldav Calendar

Currently im testing some CalDAV Server Implementations. The most interesting Server is OwnCloud / NextCloud for me. With this as a Server, there is automatic Birthday Calendar, which is a ReadOnly Calendar. All Entries are automatically entered by the Contacts App on the Server and can only be read by a Client.

If now a Birthday Event occurs and a Alarm on the Client is fired and the User dismiss the Alarm, eM Client seems to try to sync this Dismiss of the Alarm back to the Server. Naturally, this fails again and again and again, since the Calendar is a ReadOnly Calendar. The Only App, which seems to have a Problem with this, seems to be eM Client. All other Clients see with the initial sync, that this a ReadOnly Folder and does not Sync changes back to the Server.

Could you please fix this in eM Client to, so that eM Client does respect the ReadOnly Setting correctly?

Tested NextCloud Version is with Calendar App 1.4.1 and Contacts App 1.5.2 and eM Client 7.0.27943.0

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Hello Keith,
thank you for the feedback, could you please tell us which other apps/clients treat the ReadOnly calendars the way you describe?
Do reminders for these calendars work in those programs?


I have tested CaldavSynchronizer Plugin for Outlook, the standard Windows 10 Calendar App with iCloud Account as Workaround and on Android Mobile i use DavDroid. All this Apps have recognized, that the Birthday Calendar is read-only. Only eM Client have not. I didn’t want to use Outlook with CalDavsynchronizer, because Outlook is to limited in this case with Contacts (it does understand only 3 E-Mail Fields) and eM Client is a great Alternative for Outlook.

Maybe eM Client cant see, that the Calendar is readonly?

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Hello Keith,
Outlook and Windows 10 calendar app do not support caldav, how the plugin works is debatable. They either use different protocol to synchronize the calendar or the errors are just silently ignored,.
There is no ‘clean’ way to determine ReadOnly calendars through CalDAV protocol at this time, so the choice is to show the errors in the Operations window when synchronization is attempted.

The workaround at this time would be to disable Reminders for this calendar or just not click the Snooze/Dismiss button for Birthday events.

Windows 10 Calendar do support CalDAV. If you add a iCloud Account, the Calendar is a CalDAV Calendar. You can change the CalDAV URL from the iCloud URL to your own URL, to use it with OwnCloud or NextCloud. In Outlook you must use a Plugin, i use CalDAVSynchronizer as i described in my Question. Since all this implementations i have seen, can see that the Birthday Calendar is a ReadOnly Calendar, i think eM Client should be do the same. It cant be that difficult.

same problem here…

I would love if you could please add an option at the next version of EMclient to turn off synchronization in order to still have the advantages of local reminders - without running into these troubles with read-only calendars – as nextcloud and owncloud for example provide…

Isn’t the only reason for connecting to a CalDAV calendar to sync with the online source?

I think that if you don’t want to sync the calendar, the best solution is to export the calendar from the online source, then import it into eM Client local folders.

especially this birthday calendars (e.g. Outlook, nextcloud etc) are maintained by the application themselves and are therefore read-only.
But of course I would like to have these calendars to be present as well in emClient - and not only once copied - but continuously updated  with every new contact I will add in the future.

Therefore it is understandable, why it is read-only - but has to be part of the exchanged (one-way-only) calendars…

Please support this standard -  use case

I suspected that the problem Keith mentioned had since been fixed because I have a few CalDAV calendars that are read-only and I have no problem with their reminders in eM Client. It may be though, that the problem is not with all providers.

One thing to note is that eM Client will also automatically add contact’s birthdays to your Agenda Sidebar, so as long as you have those contacts synced with eM Client, you could probably unsubscribe from the provider’s birthday calendar. Of course there is no popup reminder, but with the sidebar permanently open, it is easy to see upcoming important dates.

What version of eM Client are you using Snoopy08015?

problem still exists with 7.2.35595.0 and Owncloud/Nextcloud, where the birthday calender is automatically generated from the contacts and thererore read-only.

In Thunderbird I was able to markt a CalDAV resource as read-only. My Android sync apps recognize the calendar as read-only - only em Client want to modify it with every start and sync.

Please look into this.

It must be specific to your server as I still don’t have any issue with read-only CalDAVs.

If you have a Pro License, please open a support ticket directly with eM Client. They will be able to look into this further for you.

I recently moved from Thunderbird to eM Client. eM Client is really great, except for this annoying read-only calendar bug.

Neither with Thunderbird nor DAVx5/Google Calendar on Android I have any issues. The read only calendars just work (including notifications!). But eM Client keeps popping up errors multiple times a day. This is uper annoying :frowning:

Please fix this. Pleeeeeeaaase :wink:

PS: I’m using a Synology DiskStation Calendar as the CalDAV server. But the problem seems to occur with Nextcloud, too.

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What are the errors?

How is the calendar setup in eM Client? Are you using Internet Calendars (Menu > Tools > Subscribe to Internet Calendar, for read-only calendars) or have you set it up as an account (Menu > Accounts > Add > Calendar, for full access read-write calendars)?

The error is as follows (free translation from German):

Uploading the event “XXX” failed

You can delete the element locally or ignore the error.
The server responded with error: Forbidden.

I have set up the calender under accounts / CalDAV via URL, user name and password.

Usually when I open up eM Client five or more of those errors pop up (I have to click through all of them to get to my mails).

Well uploading an event to a read-only calendar will not work, hence the error.

Set it up as an Internet Calendar (read-only) and see if there is any difference.

I tried to add my CalDAV URL as an internet calender as you suggested. Sadly this gives me the following error:

[Web Calendar]Synchronization of the ‘Internet Calendar/https://[…]/’ folder failed with the following error: The remote server returned an error: (405) Method Not Allowed.

A CalDAV uri will not work. You will need a sharing uri that ends in .ics

i have the same issue. Coiuld you solve it? I don’t understands what is trying to change my birthday calendar. But every time a birthday is gone and I start em Clienbt, there is a message that changes could not transferred to server.

It would really be nice if this could be fixed!

eM Client is trying to upload to the calendar server that you have dismissed the reminder on the read-only calendar event. As you can’t actually write to a read-only calendar, that causes an issue. This is a particular issue with NextCloud calendars, but we have read-only calendars for CalDAV planned for version 10.

What you can try now is to go to the Calendar section of eM Client, and right-click on the birthday calendar and choose Properties > Repair > Repair. There may still be some dismissed reminders trying to upload, so this will clear them. Finally right-click again on the birthday calendar and choose Properties, then untick the option to show reminders.

Same Issue here

I think this is very poor performance when a Problem exists over 6 years.

I’m starting to regret that I bought a license even though the free version would have done the trick,
and even worse that I have recommended em-client to others who have now bought many licenses for the company and are now dead unhappy because of various errors.