problem with purchasing of license

I have a problem with purchasing of license of this program. I successfully paid, the money, a notification of a successful operation came, and immediately the access was denied. Nothing came to the email ( What to do? How to contact the developers of this program? Please help, thanks.
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You can have the activation key resent to you by going to

Enter the email address you used when you purchased your Pro License. If the message does not arrive, check your spam folder.

Otherwise you can contact eM Client using for any purchase issues.

Thank you for your reply. I sent you email. today I followed your instruction.  
Resend my email address 4 times please attached file. But didn’t get key to my e-mail. Spam folder checked as well.

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OK, so please wait for eM Client to respond to your email. I am sure they will be able to resolve this for you.