Problem with opening vcs file

I can’t open a vcs file (vcalendar). I have set eM Client as a default application and when I am trying to open vcs file, this file is attached to a new message in eM Client. Could you help?

Hi, what version are you using and did you export the .vcs file from another application?
eM client handles event entries in .ics (icalendar) files so maybe that’s causing the issue.

Thank you,

Hi Paul,
the version no is 6.0.20154.0
I have received this vcs file from a host of an event. You can download this file from this link…

Hi, yes unfortunately this type of files is not supported, there are some convertors for these files available online, but it’s neither planned to support this type of files, because it’s unfortunately considered outdated.

I’m sorry if this is troubling you,
Thank you for understanding,

I realize this is an old thread. But it seems emClient can read a .VCS file. I just changed the extension from .VCS to .ICS as an experiment. Lo and behold! emClient did read the file, no error messages or anything. The calendar appointment dialog opened with all the correct info.


This worked for me in 2023 for v9.2.1735.

Thanks PJB-796!