Problem with new folder location using the "Move to folder" window in EM Client V8 Windows

Problem with new location using the “Move to folder” window in EM Client V8 Windows.

I an currently using EM Client V8.0.2951 and if i create a new Root / Parent directly folder (directly off my Gmail account) by right clicking my Gmail address at the top left, after creating the new folder, i then drag that new folder (Under the More menu) which then integrates in the A-Z folder list order underneath with my other folders on the left correctly…

However if i then go to move an email from eg: the Gmail inbox using the (Move to Folder) button along the toolbar at the top, that new Root / Parent folder “In the Move to folder window” is now (not showing integrated in to the A-Z folder list) and only shows right at the bottom of the A-Z list under the (More) Menu ?.Very confusing. Needs updating…

So the Move to folder window is not integrating visually correctly the same folder list for new Root / Parent directories as the left main Gmail account window. This problem also affects the (Copy to folder) toolbar option window.

Now if i create a (Sub folder) off one of my existing Root / Parent Gmail folders, this new sub folder does show the same integrated in the A-Z folders when i click move to folder or copy to folder. So its only a problem when you create Root / Parent new folders off the Gmail account.

(Example of V8 Move to Folder & Copy to Folder Window).

The new Root / Parent folders should be in the A-Z list above & not underneath.


If you right click on one of the newly created folders nested under “More” you will probably find that there is a tick against “Hide”. If you change this to a tick against “Show”, the folder should pop up into the list above as you want.

This is just a guess - not related to the specifics of a Gmail account - but several people have been experiencing similar problems. FYI this is a change of behaviour instigated by the developers; in v7 and earlier new folders were alweays set to “Show” - by default in v8 it seems they are set to “Hide”. Let me know if it helps your problem!

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@DavidF Yes I set the new Gmail folders (under the more) menu in the copy to & move to windows to “show” status as you said, and yes the new folders then now appear correctly in the A-Z list at the top (above the more option) in the copy to & move to windows.

@DavidF I see too now that I have set “Show” on (all my folders) in each account, the More option has now completely disappeared under each account which is great & gone back to normal V7 style…

I can still easily switch between my accounts by using the (small dropdown arow) on the left of the accounts to quickly see the Inbox, Sent, Trash etc of each account, so no need for the More option.

Ps EM Devs just need an option in EM V8 Settings to eg: “Show All folders” status in each account.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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@cyberzork Happy it worked for you!