Problem with licence from Softmaker

Hello, I bought Softmaker Office Pro. One part of this SW package was eM Client. I try to activate my already installed version of eM client, but I got error message, that my licence key is not valid. Where is problem? Should I install version from Softmaker? If so, why I can not use licence on my already installed eM Client?

Hi Peter, eM Client for SoftMaker is a different branded product and your activation key will differ based on the installation.
SoftMaker is also using their own support, so in case of any issues with the eM Client for SoftMaker bundled application, please contact SoftMaker support.

Thank you,

Hi Paul, thank you for reply. Ok, so I install Softmaker version.

Thank you for understanding, please make sure to let us know in case of any issues with the original eM Client.