problem with importing data from windows live mail

eM client does not import sent items,deleted items, and contacts.
 Also…it can receive mail but can not send mail.
 Any advice folks?


Hello Roland,

Did you experience any errors during the import? It seems that the account was not correctly set so I would recommend deleting it and configuring once again, including the import. 


Hi Russel
 Thanks for your help.
 I tried twice with the same results.


If your account/s that you wish to import are set as IMAP and therefore all data is stored on server, you can set the accounts manually in Menu > Tools > Accounts and all data will be pulled to eM Client from the server. Please check if this setup lets you send emails. If not, please check the SMTP settings if they are correct according to your email provider recommendation.

If you still have data in local folder in WLM, you can export them into .eml files and import them into eM Client in Menu > Tools > Import.

If this doesn’t help, send me the log (from Menu > Tools > Operations) in a .txt file to [email protected]


I used WLM on old laptop to export email. Per directions I created a new folder first, and exported to that location. It contains several folders. I installed Em Client on new pc and can’t figure out how to import the exported folders/files.

Try   …     Menu - File - Import. Hope that helps