Problem with importing a password-protected ics(iCalander) from a server

Hello everyone.
I’m trying to import my Omnifocus Reminders calender from their server into my emClient Calander list. The problem is that the file is on a password protected server ; namely
[ account name]/OmniFocus-Reminders.ics
and it is so for a good reason: the username and password is my account info and it is a promise to protect my privacy. On iPad I have an option to enter the account credentials in the settings(I presume the options is available in Mac OSX’s own calender as well)
In emClient I CAN enter the url but I CANNOT include the necessary credentials. So it gets stuck with the following error.
Does anyone know how to fix this? maybe a feature must be added ?

Hi, omnifocus is not primarily supported by eM Client, it would have to support a CalDav account or an iCalendar account of some sort.
I don’t know how did you try to setup the account?

Thank you,