problem with google's 2 step verification system and continuous popups in the app

I am experiencing this problem - after activating two-stage verification, I got a (repeated) pop-up from eM Client asking for my Google account password, but this is constantly rejecting. I am trying to set up my Gmail account - I enter the 16 digit (with spaces) app specific password generated by Google and still get an error message with the advice to log in using my main password. If I do this, I get an error screen telling me that JavaScript is disabled (presumably in my default browser) which it is not. i also turn the 2-step verification system on/off ! but it didn’t work ! Also it still showing the popup wants the passwords!

Omit the spaces. They’re only there for better readability. When you copy and paste straight from Googles pop-up they’re not included.


What version of eM Client are you using?


currently i’m using the 6.0.24928.0 

the passwords are accepting, but the pop-up continuous are showing. 

I am using the latest update Version 6.0.24928.0 - and i have verification DISABLED - yet it still asks me to logg in and i have to go thru the processes and each time i get an authentication code - what must i do with this.

All my passwords are correct yet it wont accept them…  What is going on???