Problem with Google tasks syncing

I have discovered what looks like a bug in 6.0 (also applicable to 5.x).

I’m using Google Tasks and sync with eM Client. But I discovered that some tasks which was checked as completed in Google still excisted in eM Client as undone.

I tested a little bit and found what seems to be a bug.

If I mark the task as done in Google and just leave it in the list then eM Client will update correctly and mark is as done. I can then hit the button “delete completed tasks” in Google and the task will be removed to “done tasks list”.

However. If I just mark the task as done in Google and THEN move it to “deleted completed tasks” eM Client is NOT able to recognize that the task has been completed. If I then mark it as completed in eM Client it will whow up again in the original list in Google (as completed).

BTW, eM Client works really well with Google mail, contact, calendar and tasks. With some exceptions…


Hi, that situation which produces this issue do you mean that you delete right after it is marked as completed?


In Google Tasks - Yes. It seems that eM Client don’t recognize when a task is moved from a list and into “done task list” .

you have to wait a while or force synchronization after you will mark it as “done”.