Problem with exchange

Hi, I ́m not able to set exchange mail account.Normaly, I ́m connecting thru Kerio connect client and I want to use eM client now. When I set up everything same like thru Kerio (settings work fine in my phone aswell), eM wants from me still password, even it is right. There is one difference on server address: eM has my server addres with “/EWS/Exchange.asmx” behind. Without it doesn ́t work.Can you help me?Thanks Radim

Hi Radim.

Who is your email provider?

Internet provider is Vodafone, I thing. Mail provider I dont know, we have company website and address in webbrowser is

With a company server, it is probably better to open a support ticket with eM Client for this. It is unlikely that someone here will be able to help, not having had experience with your server.