Problem with displaying with layout 'Messages on the right'


I’ve defined the column order as follow:
Priority, Attachment, Icon, From, To , Subject, Received, Category, Flag, Size

When I switch from view without Panel to view with right Panel I can’t see message title, instead of it I can see To field (an email address).

Why you don’t do possibility to define own column order for layout with right panel view ?
(or fix the layout with message title for the list)

Hi again Jerzy,
this is unfortunately an intended behavior, while showing the compact list of emails, you can only view a certain number of columns. You can change the order in which these columns will be shown, just move the “to” upwards or downwards in the list. But unfortunately all fields can not be viewed in the compact list.

Thank you for understanding,

I want to show To near From in the list.

I understand that in compact list I can view not all columns, but I don’t understand why To replaces MessageSubject. This is very common to store received and sent messages in folders grouped for example by project or customer.

Hi again, unfortunately it is not possible to view both of these options, the list does not contain enough space for all these options to be displayed.

Thank you for understanding,

I don’t want to view them both. I want to view Message Subject in compact List and To after From in Full list view - that’s all.

Jerzy, To and From field can not be displayed in the same view while using the compact list.