Problem with digitally signed attachments.

When I send or receive mail with attachments digitally signed, the mail, sent or received, do not allow opening attachments, which are with a .txt extension instead of .pdf.p7m.
Why? And What is the solution?


could you send me one of these faulty emails saved as .eml?
right click on it - save as .eml and send me it to [email protected] together with this topic’s address:…


I have the same problem, did you found a solution ?

Hi, it was most likely bad certificate. Which one do you use, is it free or paid so I could retest it?


The extension .p7m it’s added to any documents signed with the most used software in Italy DIKE… .
The software is free and is recomended from the financial autority and 80% of the Italian company use this solution to digitaly sign the document .pdf .xls .doc etc.
If you need a file .p7m i can send you a copy, let me know.

Ok, send me that file to [email protected] together with this topic’s url