problem with cennection gmail

Sorry, but eM Client don ́t work with gmail. gmail said that eM Client is not credible application or program … this happened time on 03/12/2016 5:00 PM How I will now read my email post?

it always worked for gmail but since today, its funny.  keep getting authentication but what must we do with the code they give… 

eM Client stopped working because Gmail will dismiss it as potentially a weak application. GMAIL claims that he should be authorized to turn weak and “vulnerable” application is enabled and you need to turn off double authentication. I tried everything, but my GMAIL account can not be synchronized via eM Client. 5 years I have used it and now I need advice. I can not synchronize or has Outlook 2016 … just I need help from developers eM Client, or from someone who understands GMAIL settings, and Google set up, today I am with this problem has spent five hours and I have no result. Please help.

Problem solved !!! ESET daily updates to actively check email using IMAP, IMAPS, POP3 and wants to integrate into the system eM Client kttorý not be permitted. ESET 7, 8, 9 versions to disable checking of e-mail clients and it’s solved. Developers of eM Client, please do something about. I have a particular Win 10, ESET 9. Regards Milos

No problems here…been working fine throughout…

Hi Diane,
what code do you mean? Do you have a 2-step verification enabled on your gmail account, perhaps?


Hello Miloš,
i’m glad your problem is solved, but I am unsure what else do you wish us to do. If ESET falsely rules out eM Client’s communication as unsafe, that is an issue with ESET, not eM Client, so the only workaround would be to make an exception in your security software - which you did.


2 step verification is turned off.    Turned it on - went thru whole process - same thing happened.   I turned it off again and still cant get my mail from my gmail acccount.