Problem with Carddav/VCard "TEL" types / subtypes

We have problems with VCard “TEL” types / subtypes and their assignment in eM Client - either there are not outputed in the right field or they are not there anyway - like:TEL;TYPE=WORK, TEL;TYPE=CELL;TYPE=WORK

For example  I have a vcard entry which has defined
“TEL;TYPE=WORK” and “TEL;TYPE=CELL;TYPE=WORK” ; when i open this Contact the two numbers are there but under “Company and Company 2”. Which is wrong, because one of these entries has a “CELL” attribute.
In the list view of the Contact there is non of the two numbers - i ́m not  even able in the “Column Configuration” to enable these - there is only a “Company Phone” (which seems to be the “TEL;TYPE=WORK”) and for my “TEL;TYPE=CELL;TYPE=WORK” i can not find a Column - ther is no “Company Cell”.?

When I enable this “Company Phone” in the List view it outputs my “TEL;TYPE=WORK” but there is also a Column called “Work Phone”?!?! What is the VCard difference in eM client  between between  “Company Phone” and “Work Phone”?

We want to use eM Client as a business Solution and so we need all the Data we have in our Carddav…


Hi, what CardDAV server are you using? And where did you create the item that’s displayed incorrectly?

Thank you,

Hi Paul,

As a Server we are using right now the latest davical 1.1.1 + some patches;

An example: under the Phone Numbers in eM Client we got for a certain person the following output:
Company: Phonenumber X
Company 2 : Phonenumber Y

In Our Carddav Server the Numbers are stored under these VCard-Types:
Phonenumber X—>TEL;TYPE=WORK:

When I extract a problematic VCard Entry out of the db it looks like this:

ADR;TYPE=HOME:;;xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1/22;Wien;;xxxxxx;xxxxxxx
ADR;TYPE=WORK:;;xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx;Wien;;1090;xxxxxxxxxx

When I use the eM client function “Show as Vcard” the VCard looks like this:


We have the following problems:
*The VCARD “CELL”  TYPE  get lost and so the information that ́s a work mobile number…

*The assignment of the VCARD Types “WORK” are assigned to an eM Client Field called
“Company” and not “Work” - what is the difference between them? Company seems to be not an official RFC VCard field?

*I did not even find a way to input a number like a cell number at work - in your menu for phone Numbers there is only one “Mobile” Number, but no further information if this is private, work or something else?!?



is there really no answer to my question? Or is this the wrong place to ask?


Hi, I’m sorry for my belated reply, I’ve discussed this issue with the developers and we’ll be doing more examination on this issue.
It might be improved for future releases.

As to your question to Company/Work types, Company has been implemented in correspondence with Outlook settings of VCards.

Thank you, for understanding,


unfortunately there is no “Company” tag in the official VCard Standard definition ( and so this it will make massive problems when using programs and devices which are holding to the standard like ios carddav, android Carddav-Apps,…

Is there a time line on this problem?


Hi again,
I don’t understand, we’re not using any Company tag, it’s just an option under which you can save the company phone number for example, but in the VCard it’s gonna be saved as Type=WORK, there’s not Type=Company if that’s what you’re suggesting.

You can see the same option in Outlook, but the compatibility across different servers is guaranteed. But it might be displayed as Work in different client, instead of Company.

I hope this helps,

The problem is the Type “CELL” of Vcard…

How do you define a work Cellphone in em client? What happens if i change something in my examples work cell phone? Will it be written to the Carddav Server with or without the Type “CELL”?

We don’t have the option to define WORK + CELL, you can define a WORK number as standard but can’t fit another attribute to the WORK type. Which you’ve already noticed.

I’ve just tried to import few VCards with both of the values and found out, that eM Client drops the type=CELL, value, which is of course an incorrect behavior, I reported this issue to the developers and hopefully it will be fixed in future releases.

However I believe the sub types will be still supported just partially (e.g. you won’t be able to add them from eM client, but at least the values won’t be dropped.).

Thank you for pointing this out,
hope you can manage to use the current settings,