Problem with Carddav read only account & permanant question "Failed to delete Item".


i ́m testing around em client a little bit and found a problem:

I added a Carddav account (based by davical) with multiple Adressbooks - some of them are read only.

I drag n dropped a few entries from the readonly Adressbook to one of the r/w Adressbooks. Now the program asks from time to time the following question “Failed to delete Item”… look at the attached image…

Did i used the function wrong?
How can I stop the program from asking the question without deleting the entries locally?
Is there a way to tell the program not try to delete those entries - instead copy them?

This readonly Adressbook in our case should be something like a “fixed” Adressbook administrated  by our secretary’s office and should always be a “full” Adressbook…


Hi, I don’t see any attached image but you can try right click the calendar folde and select Properties > Repair and click on the Repair button.
That might solve the issue.

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here you see the question thats always asked:

even when you going on by “Skip Delete” and “Use this choice…” - in a few minutes you will see this question again. Is there a way changing this -obvious- “move” command to a “copy” command when usind drag-n-drop from a readonly as source?

Hi again, did you try using the Repair function on the Calendar folder as I suggested?

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i tried it and this workaround seem to help - but its a workaround; it would be better your drag-n-drop function should have a look if the source adrbook is readonly and not try to delete items when it ́s so… :wink:


Great! I’m glad it worked, I’ll notify the developers with this issue, so we can improve this in future releases, thank you for pointing this out.

If you come across any other issues or questions about the application, let us know, we’ll be happy to help.

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OK - actually - i have right now an another issue… :wink:…

…and I ́m also in contact with the new “main” developer of davical - he is also the developer of two of the best web-based Caldav/Carddav apps “CalDavZAP” and "CardDavMATE ".

Because there ́s maybe a problem with attachment in calendar-entries… but we have to find out first on which side the problem is located…:wink: