Problem with attaching files (docs or pics) to an email

Having used emclient for years with few problems, I recently have problems with attaching a file (document or picture) to an email. I get a window that says I am not authorised to open this file and must contact the administrator (which is me!). I have no problem at all in opening any of my files from windows explorer but only when I am trying to attach to an email using emclient. There has been an update recently so don’t know if this might have caused the problem.

Try moving for a test the documents or pictures to another folder on your harddisk. Could be some permission problem with that specific folder.

Thanks for reply. I have tried attaching lots of different folders and none of them work. It just says I don’t have permission. All folders open normally on my laptop.

As it’s then the same file attachment problem from any folder on your harddisk, I would then try uninstalling and reinstalling eM Client.

When you uninstall (don’t delete the database) when asked on the eM Client uninstall wizard.

You can get all the various latest versions of eM Client to reinstall for PC and Mac from the release history page.

I just started having the same problem. I think it’s time to switch email apps

For some unknown reason the problem seems to have resolved for me. I did get an update from eMClient so don’t know if that was anything to do with it but for the time being all is OK again.

Per cyberzork, I just reinstalled eMC and can now attach files again! Phew! I use this feature all the time so was the source of a lot of angst as migrating to another system would have been painful.

Just when we thought it was safe to go back in the water, the system stopped allowing attachments again. I had to go through the same process of uninstalling it and reinstalling it seems to have fixed it for now but there seems to be some kind of bug in it.